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"I provide RELIEF to churches and small businesses by offering virtual admin services and training to staff to work in excellence so leaders can solely focus on their call."

Event Planning & On-site Management

From chaos to confidence! Our event services ensure every detail is perfect, so you can own your church ministry or business event without stress. Elevate your hosting game!


Grants offer a valuable source of funding that empowers your church ministry or business to pursue meaningful projects and initiatives, fostering growth and success.

Virtual Admin Services

Utilizing a virtual admin streamlines tasks reduces overhead costs, and enhances efficiency, allowing your church ministry or business to focus on core operations and growth.

“Jene’t is the definition of relief for much of my administrative needs. She provided virtual support for a Zoom webinar, designed my media kit, added website landing pages, and much more. I appreciate her efficiency in getting things done and her desire to provide outstanding service. She is a boss!” - S. West

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